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28.03.2012. Photoyouth seminars. Foto:Ilmars Znotins
Educators from Latvia and Russia during a seminar of PhotoYouth project. © Ilmars Znotins/Delmi Alvarez
W e believe that visual education is one of the most important skills nowadays. Everything is visual. The social media, the press, the information. Every person is attacked with thousands images every day. How to understand this flow? How to find the own individual language in photography. How to survive in photojournalism?  How to use the social media to create own audience? How to send out from the sea of images? We offer educational packs for every level of experience in photography and visual education. With more than 20 years of professional work in the field of photojournalism and education we want to share our knowledge not only with photographers but also with students or the participants of our lectures. We love to tell the stories, not only with the cameras but also face to face to the audience. You will learn from our professional life and listen breathtaking stories from the fields.